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I've successfully installed Windows 7 (x64) and drivers for my Canon MP510, and have no problem printing with this setup.

There is another PC in the network running XP SP3, and I want to share the printer so that users of that PC can also print.

On W7 I have the option of installing additional printer drivers for other system architectures (Itanium and x86). I've downloaded the most current 32-bit drivers for the printer, but every time I direct the install dialog to the folder containing the drivers, I get the following error message:

Selected printer driver not found

The specified location does not contain the driver Canon Inkjet MP510 Printer for the requested processor architecture.

Retry Cancel

I'm stumped. I'm absolutely certain that the specified location actually does contain the correct drivers; I've even installed them on the XP system.

I've tried everything I can think of. What am I overlooking?

{ asked by Tom }


Finally cracked it! It's to do with the printer name in the driver's inf file.

When I installed Windows 7 it automatically installed the MP600 driver but it called it "Canon Inkjet MP600 Printer". NOTE Inkjet. When you unzip the Canon driver and look in its driver folder the printer inf file is called MP600PR.inf. Edit this file with Notepad and you will find:

"Canon" = Canon,NTx86.5.1

; Model sections.
; Each section here corresponds with an entry listed in the
; [Manufacturer] section, above. The models will be displayed in the order
; that they appear in the INF file.

"**Canon MP600 Printer**" = CNM_0295XP, USBPRINT\CanonMP600718E, CanonMP600718E, CanonMP600

"**Canon MP600 Printer**" = CNM_0295XP, USBPRINT\CanonMP600718E, CanonMP600
"**Canon MP600 Printer**" = CNM_0295XP, BTHPRINT\CanonMP600718E, CanonMP600

Canon just calls the printer "Canon MP600 Printer". Since the names are not exactly the same windows does not think that the drivers are for the correct printer. Just edit the inf file to "correct" the name and it installs without a problem.

{ answered by Edwin }